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CRADLE OF FILTH streaming album, Dani Filth interview


Decibel Magazine is currently streaming Total Fucking Darkness, the third demo from UK extreme metal miscreants, CRADLE OF FILTH, in its entirety!


Dubbed “a face-ripping kick in the ass,” by Metal Injection, “the rawest version of the band you are going to find,” by Stereokiller and praised for being, “as effective today as it was back when it was written,” by New Noise, the grim revival of Total Fucking Darkness was directed by vocalist Dani Filth, former guitarist Paul Ryan (currently of The King Is Blind) and Cacophonous Records founder, Frater Nihil, who first signed CRADLE OF FILTH, in an effort to bring fans old and new a remastered version of the now-iconic release along with material that had been sitting in the vaults for twenty years. Given new life at Turan Studio in Oxford with the assistance of engineer Tim Turan, Total Fucking Darkness comes available as a digipak CD and double gatefold LP via Mordgrimm.


In honor of its release, Decibel Magazine is streaming the CD edition of Total Fucking Darkness in full alongside an interview with Dani Filth who talks in-depth about his earliest COF memories, vampires, family life, the infamous “Jesus Is A Cunt” shirt and more.

Get filthy RIGHT HERE.

The deluxe LP version of Total Fucking Darkness (which includes two instrumentals not found on the CD) is housed in a heavy gatefold sleeve with paintings featuring the perverse visions of Radio 1 presenter and occult artist, Daniel Carter, with the first pressing available in three two-color, 180-gram vinyl variants limited to 222 copies each: orange/black, blue/grey and grey/black. Each copy includes a limited edition booklet with a foreword by Dani Filth and never-before-seen photos from the band archives. Order yours TODAY via Mordgrimm at THIS LOCATION. A retail version on blue vinyl with insert, and a digipak CD, will be available from Amazon and other outlets.


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