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Crackle’s Supermansion Special Drag Me To Halloween Is An Epic Fun Run Through Horror Movie Nostalgia

I’m sure they’ll look back on this and laugh…

The new special, which airs Oct 5th, features fantastic nods to our favourite horror movies with League Of Freedom shenanigans thrown in to balance things out. It’s a stroll through “Memory Lane” with a whole lot of WTF’s thrown in.


As Halloween graces our hero’s mansion, Titanium Rex (voiced by Bryan Cranston) again tiredly reminds everyone as to just how awful the holiday is, to which everyone respectfully tells him to jog off and then promptly joins in on the evening festivities about town. The gang meets up with everything from murderous ghosts and crazy dentists to demon possessed family members, leaving tried and true (and extremely annoyed) Titanium Rex to clean up the gang’s mess. We even get a few cameos from Lake Bell (Children’s Hospital) and Phil LaMar (Futurama) to spice things up. It’s all a fantastic mess that leaves you genuinely looking forward to the next episode.

Official trailer can be seen here


Created by Zen Wells and Matthew Senreich

Starring Bryan Cranston, Keegan- Michael Key, Heidi Gardner, Tucker Gilmore, Zen Wells, Jillian Bell




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