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COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF and Craig Ogden Team Up


The Commander-In-Chief has teamed up with world leading classical guitarist, Craig Ogden, and recorded an album with classical crossover music.

Following her success with her guitar version of Sarate´s “Zigeunerweisen Op.20” last year, she decided to record a full album with pieces of music normally played by violin virtuosos.

Craig Ogden had his third number 1 album in the UK this summer and he was recently featured as one of the top 20 classical guitarists of all times, by ClassicFM. He was been nominated for a Grammy and the UK Brit Awards several times.


The first video from the collaboration with Craig Ogden premiered on Guitar World earlier this week. They took on the extremely challenging Caprice 24 by Paganini. It has already been shared almost 15K times. Paganini Guitar Duel: The Commander-In-Chief and Craig Ogden Play Caprice No. 24 — Video | Guitar World


The CIC brought Craig with her to her native Norway, where they recorded the album at Velvet Recording in the small town of Spydeberg in July.

In August they went back to Norway and filmed four music videos for the album, at fantastic locations. All four videos will be released by the official release day for the album, December 1st, 2014.

The album can be pre-ordered at Pledge Music, where you can get a signed CD, signed Vinyl, a private house concert, guitar lessons and much more. The Commander-in-Chief & Craig Ogden: 2 Guitars: The Classical Crossover Album

The two of them are going back to Norway in a few days to do two shows at two different prisons, before their first London show on October 18th, at Kings Place.




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