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Comic Con Guide – For Metal Heads – 2013 Edition


Each year, Metal Life Magazine covers the San Diego Comic Con bringing you the news and events that will be of interest to fans of heavy metal music. Our focus will be on horror, sci-fi, fantasy, metal related stuff, pop culture of interest and more.


  • 13 Flames Empire (H 02)
    “Zombie Jesus” and “Champions of hell” comics, “Zombiefeast” DVDs, metal CDs, and more.
  • 7.62 Design (Booth: 5606)
    7.62 Design is Veteran Owned and Operated since 1997 and offers kick ass military themed shirts, steel signs and stickers. The owner is a metal fan and the artwork is sure to appeal to metal fans.
  • Adult Swim (Booth: 3721)
    Home of shows like Metalocalypse, Children’s Hospital, Venture Bros, Robot Chicken, and more…
  • Alain Viesca Arts/ Michael C. Hayes (Booth: 4817)
    Awesome artist and one of the favorites of the Metal Life Magazine staff.
  • Alex Horley Art (Booth: 4812)
    Legendary fantasy artist. He has done work for DC Comics, Image Comics, and Heavy Metal magazine to name a few. Glenn Danzig hired him for some work on Glenn’s comic line Verotik Comics. Gene Simmons of KISS commission Alex for several projects. Alex works with Rob Zombie on his advertising art and storyboards. Alex also contributed to the art in the booklet for Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe 2 album.
  • AMC (Booth: 4237)
    Home of The Walking Dead, The Killing, Freakshow and many more.
  • Anchor Bay/ Manga (Booth: 4045)
    Movies, manga adaptations and more…
  • Angel Phoenix Media (Booth: 1303)
    Comic publisher with many titles including Angelwitch, Venus League, Quicksand, Exiles, Streamers and more.
    During Comic-Con International, July 18-22, go to Angelphoenix.com/promo to receive a FREE EBook edition of Angelwitch, The Pandora Sequence, and Venus IA.
  • Arcana Studio (Booth: 2415)
    Comic publisher with many titles including Hexen Hammers, Poe & Phillips, Kade and many more horror, scifi, fantasy titles.
  • Archaia Entertainment (Booth: 2229)
    Comic publisher with many titles including Strange Attractors, Hawken: Genesis and more.
  • Arsenic Lullaby Publishing (Booth: 2200)
    Comic book series specializing in dark humor. Not for the faint at heart.
  • Aspen MLT, Inc (Booth: 2321)
    Comic publisher with many titles including Fathom, Soulfire, Lady Mechanika, The Scourge, Dellec and more.
  • Avatar Press, Inc (Booth: 2701)
    Comic publisher with many titles including Max Brooks: Extinction Parade, Crossed, Stitched, Ferals, George R R Martin: Skin Trade, Night of the Living Dead and more.
  • Bakshi Productions, Inc (Booth: 1532)
    Creator of legendary movie Wizards, animated Lord of the Rings, animated Fire and Ice, Fritz the Cat and more.
  • BBC America (Booth: 3629)
    British Broadcasting Corp America. Bringing us shows such as Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Top Gear, Ripper Street, Copper and more.
  • Big City Comics Studio (Booth: 2101)
    Comic publisher with many titles including Whore, Terminal Alice, Dragon Cross, Tempest, Zombie Sama and more.
  • Blackwatch Comics (Booth: 1804)
    Comic publisher with titles including Soul Stealer and Silent Leaves.
  • Blizzard Entertainment (Booth: 115)
    Game publisher with titles including World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone and Diablo.
  • BOOM! Studios (Booth: 2235)
    Comic publisher with many titles including Planet of the Apes, Higher Earth, 28 Days Later, Extermination, Hellraiser and more.
  • Brian Rood Art (Booth: 4721)
    Illustrator famous for his movie art. He has worked with most of the movie companies and his art has included subjects from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Star Trek, Dawn of the Dead and many more.
  • Broadsword Comics (Jim Balent Studios) (Booth: 1715)
    Jim Balent, a metal head in his own right, and his team produce “Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose” each month. The comic features mature art, witchcraft themes and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Jim Balent and Holly Golightly are friends of Metal Life Magazine, so be sure to tell them Metal Life Magazine sent you when you visit.
  • Brute Force Leather (Booth: 4919)
    Leather goods, steampunk fashion, corsets and more. Perfect for stage wear, parties, cosplay, etc.
  • Capcom USA, Inc. (Booth: 215)
    Game publisher with titles including Resident Evil, Remember Me, Lost Planet and more.
  • Carnal Comics (Booth: 1615)
    XXX rated comics. The booth usually has a porn star to two hanging around. Need we say more. Famous for Demi the Demoness.
  • Cartoon Network (Booth: 3735)
    Cartoons and shows, including “Adult Swim”, which airs “Metalocalypse.”
  • Tommy Castillo (Booth: 4823)
    Artist focusing on the twisted and macabre.
  • CBS/Showtime (Booth: 4245)
    Series include Dexter, The Borgias, Inside the NFL and more.
  • Century Media Records (Booth: 4534)
    Legendary metal label always has the metal playing and they have a large selection of music and merchandise available.
  • Christian Alzmann Studios (Booth: 4916)
    Awesome artist who has worked on “Star Wars: Episode 2”, “Men in Black II”, “Van Helsing” and “War of the Worlds”. We would not be surprised if your metal band wanted him to do a CD cover or two. Christian will on hand to sign This new art book Tales: The Art of Christian Alzmann.
  • Chronicle Books (Booth: 1506, 1508)
    Book publisher. Some notable titles include “Def Leppard: The Definitive Visual History”, “Mötley Crüe: A Visual History: 1983-2005”, “Six-String Heroes: Photographs of Great Guitarists”, “Fück Yöu: Rock and Roll Portraits”, “Van Halen: A Visual History: 1978-1984” and “The Ultimate Metallica”.
  • ComiXology (Booth: 2547)
    Digital releases of over 40,000 comics and graphic novels.
  • The Contact Lens Company (Booth: A-05)
    FDA-Approved Cosmetic, Theatrical & Custom Contact Lenses.
  • Cyanide & Happiness (Booth: 1234)
    Quite funny daily webcomic with a twisted sense of humor.
  • Dark Horse Comics (Booth: 2615)
    Comic publisher with many titles including The Strain, Eerie, Star Wars, Buffy, Hellboy, BPRD and more. The booth always has artists, staff and other guests throughout the con.
  • Dark Sky Pictures (Booth: 4244, 4246)
    Develops and shoots feature films, television, and original web content including Acts of Death, Blood Ties, Canyon Road, Monster School and more.
  • DC Entertainment (Booth: 1915)
    Comic publisher with many titles including Batman, Before Watchmen, Dark Knight, Diablo: Sword of Justice, Earth 2, Constantine and more.
  • Donato Arts (Booh: 4503)
    Artist specializing in fantasy/scifi with a realism approach. Topics include Middle Earth, mythology, science fiction, fantasy and historical. Well worth visiting the booth and checking out the art.
  • David Dorman (Booth: 4501, 4500)
    Award winning sci-fi, horror and fantasy illustrator most famous for his Star Wars art.
  • Electronic Arts (Booth: 129)
    Video game publisher with titles including Fuze, Dead Space, Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Brutal Legend, and basically every good sports themed game made.
  • Jason Engle (Booth: 4617)
    Sci-Fi/Fantasy artist. Projects have included Pathfinder, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons, Dragonlance and many more.
  • Evil Ink/ Coheed & Cambria (Booth: 1732)
    Comic publishing company set up by Claudio Sanchez, lead singer of COHEED AND CAMBRIA. Titles include “The Amory Wars”, “Kill Audio” and “Key of Z.”
  • eigoMANGA (Booth: 5532)
    Comic book publishing studio that produces original Japanese-influenced comics.
  • Famous Monsters of Filmland (Booth: 1507, 1509)
    Horror themed entertainment and pop culture magazine. First published in 1958, Famous Monsters covers horror with a in depth and visual approach. The MISFITS took their logo font from the Famous Monsters logo.
  • Fangoria Entertainment (Booth: 4018)
    Horror themed entertainment magazine covering horror movies, special effects and more.
  • Fantom Studios (Booth: 5566)
    Artist created talking spirit boards and skateboard decks.
  • Flesk Publications/ Spectrum Fantastic Art *Booth: 5019, 5021)
    Publisher specializing in art collections of various genres. Artists of special interest include Brom, William Stout and Gary Gianni.
  • Full Moon Features (Booth: 4022)
    Independent horror movie distributor. Titles include Puppet Master, Blood of 1000 Virgins, Unlucky Charms, Trancers, Subspecies and more.
  • FUNimation Entertainment (Booth: 4135)
    Anime distributor with titles including Gungrave, Speed Grapher, Claymore, .hack//, Basilisk and many more.
  • Gamerave LLC (Booth: 515, 614)
    San Diego based video game retailer carrying vintage and new games and systems.
  • Gentle Giant Studios, Inc (Booth: 3513)
    Special effects company that creates props and scenery for movies and video games. Their booth is always full of cool looking stuff.
  • Girls and Corpses/ Asylum Press (Booth: 1528)
    Beautiful girls posing with rotting corpses plus interviews, comic book art, music and movie reviews and other mayhem.
  • Heavy Metal (Booth: 1529)
    Long running, world famous adult, fantasy themed magazine. Many a famous artist grace its covers and the content is second to none. Artists have included Lorenzo Sperlonga, Royo, Frezzato, James Ryman, Trillo, Matt Dixon, Tariq Raheem, Bisley and many more.
  • Hermes Press (Booth: 1821, 1823)
    Publisher specializing in reprints of comics, art books covering science fiction, pop culture and art. Most notable title is Dark Shadows.
  • Honeck Sculpture (Booth: 4822)
    Sculptures, dragons, wizards, home decor, cape clasps, etc.
  • IDW Publishing (Booth: 2643)
    Comic publisher with many titles including 30 Days of Night, Transformers, Doctor Who, True Blood, KISS and more.
  • Image Comics (Booth: 2729)
    Comic publisher with many titles including The Walking Dead. Ghosted, Spawn, Progeny, Think Tank, Lost Vegas, Severed and more.
  • Imperium Comics (Booth: 2005)
    Comic publisher bringing us “Tralier Park of Terror”, a campy comic version of a slasher flick and “Pierce”, a tale of a murdered former mob assassin who must avenge his own death with the aid of his new found ability to move through reflective surfaces.
  • Indican Pictures (Booth: 4046)
    Independent movie distributor of all genres.
  • Ink Pen Mutations and Bizarro Au Go-Go (Booth: 1633)
    Publisher focusing on the union of experimental literature and provocative artwork in the form of storybooks. Titles of interest are Zombie Cadence, Zombie Rock Band, Aliens in LA and Van Wyck.
  • Jason Palmer Studios (Booth: 4407, 4506)
    Artist who specializes in TV/movie art such as Serenity, Firefly, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and more.
  • Jim Balent’s Broadsword Comics (Booth: 1715)
    Jim Balent, a metal head in his own right, and his team produce “Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose” each month. The comic features mature art, witchcraft themes and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Jim Balent and Holly Golightly are friends of Metal Life Magazine, so be sure to tell them Metal Life Magazine sent you when you visit.
  • KC Art (Booth: 4502)
    Artist specializing in pinup girls and the female form. Need we say more.
  • Keenspot Entertainment (Booth: 2635)
    Independent comic publisher. Titles include Last Blood, Chopping Block, Crow Scare and Shockwave Darkside.
  • Konami Digital Entertainment (Booth: 3713)
    Video game publisher with titles including Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, Zombie Apocalypse, NeverDead and more.
  • Legendary Entertainment (Booth: 3920)
    Movies of note include Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, Seventh Son, Dark Knight Rises, Wrath of the Titans, Hangover part II, Sucker Punch, Inception and many more. Comics include Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero, Tower Chronicles and more.
  • Linsner.com (Booth: 4900)
    Art from Joseph Michael Linser. Comics include “Cry For Dawn”, “Dark Ivory” and “Dawn”. Sexy art well worth viewing.
  • Todd Lockwood (Booth: 4722)
    Fantasy artist who has worked on Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, book covers, magazine covers and more.
  • Mad Catz (Booth: 5601)
    Manufactures video game controllers and accessories.
  • Marvel (Booth: 2329)
    Comic publisher with many titles including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the X-Men and more.
  • MGM/ Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment (Booth: 3528)
    Movie production and distribution. Titles include James Bond, Vikings, Hansel and Gretel, GI Joe, X-Men, Wolverine, Taken and more.
  • Monte Moore (Booth: 4800, 4802)
    Incredible fantasy artist/moviemaker whose clients include Wizards of the Coast, Chainmail Bikini, Pulsar Games and many more. He also sculpts dragons and other figures such as Loki. Additionally, Monte designs artwork for motorcycles and guitars. Monte is a friend of Metal Life Magazine, so be sure to tell him Metal Life Magazine sent you when you visit.
  • Mysterious Galaxy (Booth: 1119, 1121, 1123)
    Metal Life Magazine staff’s favorite local book shop, specializing in sci fi, fantasy, suspense and horror books. New and used, they frequently have in store signings and they are very supportive of local authors.
  • Namco Bandai Games America (Booth: 121)
    Video game publisher. Titles include “Dark Souls”, “Soul Caliber V”, “Inversion”, “Armored Core” and more.
  • NBM Publishing (Booth: 1714, 1716)
    Graphic novel publisher. Titles of note include “Wake”, “Angel Fire”, “Malefic” by Luis Royo, “Devil Engine” by Chad Michael Ward, “The Fallen” by David Aaron Clark/David Rankin and many more.
  • Nene Thomas Inc (Booth: 4619, 4621)
    Fantasy artist. Very well balanced usage of light and dark, color depth contrasts and interesting subject matter. Could see power metal bands using this art for album covers.
  • Nintendo of America (Booth: 235)
    Makers of the Wii/Wii U, DS, 3DS. Stop by the booth and check out the systems.
  • Nuclear Blast (Booth: 503, 505)
    Legendary metal record label. ’nuff said.
  • Odd Fae and Autumn Things (Booth: 4716)
    Fantasy, Odd Dolls, and Masks. Awesome designs, check them out.
  • Oni Press (Booth: 1833)
    Comic publisher that brings us Black Metal, a comic about twin brothers empowered by the legendary sword of Atoll. Other titles of note include Resurrection and Wasteland.
  • Orbital Harvest (Booth: H-04)
    Art by John Giang. Fantastic art worth checking out. We can picture a lot of this art as CD covers, stop by and check out the art and if you like it and need some art, let him know.
  • Pendragon Costumes (Booth: 4814, 4816, 4816)
    High quality period reproduction costumes. Primarily focused on Renaissance designs, but they have other styles available including steampunk and sci-fi inspired. Good source for stage wear.
  • Pin-Up World Art (Booth: 4539)
    As the name says, Pin Up Girls, need we say more?
  • Bill Plympton (Booth: 1537)
    Animator and artist. Created Idiots and Angels, an animated dark comedy about power and corruption and redemption.
  • Profiles In History (Booth: 1605)
    Auctioneers of Hollywood memorabilia. They are the company behind he hit SyFy Channel series Hollywood Treasure.
  • The Prop Store of London (Propstore.com) (Booth: 3645, 3647)
    Movie prop and costume company collecting and selling authentic and reproduction items from the movies.
  • Raw Studios, LLC (Booth: 5539)
    They create movies and comics that live up to their name, Raw. Comics include Alien Worlds, Dark Country, Bad Planet and Alien Pig Farm 3000. Dark Country was made into a movie. Raw Entertainment was founded by actor Thomas Jane (The Punisher, The Mist, The Mutant Chronicles) and in partnership with Eisner Award nominated illustrator/production designer Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher, Hellblazer, Criminal Macabre).
  • Renkewitz Studios (Booth: 5639)
    Art House / Animation company creating works for comics, video games, trailers, etc. Projects have included Lost Planet 2, Ghostbusters, Resident Evil O.R.C., Stranglehold, Gun, Time Shift and Rise of the Argonauts.
  • Roddenberry Entertainment (Booth: 2543)
    Sci fi merchandiser. Properties include Days Missing, Earth: Final Conflict and of course Star Trek.
  • Dave Seeley (Booth: 4600)
    Fantasy artist. His clients have included LucasFilm, Sony, Tor Books, Wizards of the Coast, Heavy Metal Magazine, Microsoft Game Studios, Ballantine Books and many more.
  • Shiflett Brothers (Booth: 4623)
    Sculptures for your macabre decor. Pieces include Komodo King, Ol’ Scratch, Principia and the Serpent, Noynub In: Deal With The Devil and more.
  • Sideshow Collectibles (Booth: 1929)
    Check out world famous collectibles from horror and sci-fi movies as well as some other very cool stuff.
  • Sigh Co Graphics (Booth: 523, 622)
    Clothing for goths, cybergeeks, steampunks and HP Lovecraft and Poe fans. They also carry some related DVDs and other merchandise.
  • Simone Bianchi Art (Booth: 5540)
    Comic and fantasy artist. His work includes tons of covers for DC and Marvel. His paintings are impressive, especially Deposition in Red, Echoes From the Cell, Vision Divine and Fire.
  • SLG Publishing (Booth: 1815)
    Comic publisher specializing in the strange, independent artist. Known for the works of Roman Dirge and Jhonen Vasquez among others. Titles of note include Zeke Deadwood: Zombie Lawman, Sixsmiths – a graphic novel about a family of Satan worshipers trying to fit in, Dead Eyes Open, Nightmares and Fairy Tales, Squee’s Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors and The Trouble With Igor. They also carry items from other publishers.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America (Booth: 301)
    Playstation, nuff said.
  • SOZ Studios (Booth: 5615)
    Monster art, often humorous and very inventive. He has worked as a storyboard artist on various projects. His career started he when he was hired as an animator for Ralph Bakshi’s animated Lord of the Rings.
  • Spike (Booth: 3729)
    Spike TV, sports, women and all the stuff MEN want to watch on TV.
  • Spike and Mike Festival of Animation (Booth: 1536)
    Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation collects the best and most twisted animated shorts from around the world.
  • SQP Inc (Booth: 5541, 5542, 5543, 5544)
    Fantasy, erotic, and pin-up art books and more.
  • Square Enix, Inc (Booth: 3829)
    Video game publisher. Titles include Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts, Hitman and more.
  • Star Trek Enterprise Bridge Museum (Booth: 3921)
    Step on board the Enterprise-D bridge in this new Star Trek mini museum.
  • Suicide Girls (Booth: 1730)
    Website that features softcore pornography and text profiles of goth, punk and indie-styled young women. There are always several Suicide Girls at the booth. Keep your minors away though, this is 18+.
  • Summit (Booth: 4029A)
    Movie production and distribution company owned by Lionsgate. Titles include Red and Red 2, Ender’s Game, Escape Plan, Source Code, Wrong Turn 4, Drive Angry and more.
  • Top Cow Productions, Inc (Booth: 2629)
    Comic publisher with many titles including Witchblade, The Darkness, Aphrodite IX, Artifacts, Cyber Force, Think Tank and many more.
  • Tor Books/ Seven Seas Entertainment (Booth: 2707, 2709)
    Book and comic/manga publisher. Many many titles.
  • Troma Entertainment Inc (Booth: 4017)
    Movie production company responsible for B-Movie greats such Toxic Avenger, Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical, Killing Twice, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, and many more films.
  • Twentieth Century Fox (Booth: 4229)
    Fox movies. Titles include The Wolverine, X-Men First Class, Avatar, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and more.
  • Twilight Creations (Booth: 4519)
    Board game company that makes Zombies, a card and map based survival game. They also make games called Cthulhu Rising, Humans, Innsmouth Escape, Zombie Survival, Zombietown and more.
  • Ubisoft (Booth: 135)
    Video game publisher. Titles include Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, The Crew, Rocksmith, Watch_Dogs and more.
  • Udon Entertainment (Booth: 4529, 4628)
    Publisher of Capcom Comics and numerous manga titles and art books.
  • Utilikilts, LLC (Booth: 4920)
    Handmade Men’s Casual Kilts, Utility Kilts, and Non-Traditional Kilts. Perfect stage wear.
  • Vander Stelt Studio (Booth: 4719)
    Sci-fi/fantasy artist. Clients have included Lucasfilm, Warner Bros and New Line Cinema in the creation of licensed reproductions for his The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fine art program.
  • VIZ Media (Booth: 2819)
    Publishing and distribution company handling manga (graphic novel) publishing, animation and entertainment licensing of Japanese content.
  • Warner Bros. (Booth: 4545)
    Movie Studio behind Pacific Rim, The Conjuring, The Dark Knight and many more.  The deliver TV shows Chuck, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory. They also deliver video games such as Injustice, Infinite Crisis, Batman: Arkham Origins and more.
  • Weta Limited (Booth: 3513)
    Conceptual design and physical manufacturing facility responsible for the models/effects in movies including the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy, Avatar, District 9 and many more. They built a fully functional Warthog for Microsoft’s Halo3 game promotional films.
  • Xbox (Booth: 100)
    Xbox 360, Xbox One. ’nuff said.
  • Zenescope Entertainment (Booth: 2301)
    Comic publisher with many titles including Grimm Fairy Tales, Screwed, The Waking, Tales From Wonderland, Chronicles of Dr. Herbert West and more.


Special Guests

  • Sergio Aragonés
    Artist/illustrator famous for his work with Mad magazine.
  • Neil Gaiman
    Writer, Sandman, American Gods, Coraline
  • Todd Lockwood
    Illustrator specializing in fantasy and science fiction
  • Dave McKean
    Illustrator/designer/filmmaker, Sandman, Arkham Asylum
  • Christopher Shy
    Fantasy and science fiction artist
  • J. Michael Straczynski
    Written nearly 400 comics, over 300 television episodes, and four movies

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