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Comic Book Review: The Paybacks #1


From the writer of the acclaimed Buzzkill mini-series, comes this new and hilarious story that follows a group of superheroes forced to become repo man on other super heroes. If you are looking for something left field and a bit of a satire on masked vigilantes, then this will have you cracking a smile as you turn the pages.

In the first pages, you are introduced to the current team; their distinctive personalities, and their contribution to the group. With names like Night Knight and his horse side kick, Night Mare, you know this title is just getting started with the silliness.

The Paybacks #1 is written by Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal with art by Geoff Shaw look for it in stores this September.

Now make sure to stay current on your Batmobile payments or the Payback’s will come looking for you!


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