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Comic Book Review: “Hellboy In Hell #7”


Hellboy is in Hell? and he’s caught an illness. That’s sounds like a strange concept, but not in Hell. We find our favorite underground hero in a dire situation where a carnivorous parasite has attached itself to him. With the help of some elder man and their attempts to find a cure, he tries to buy himself sometime.

The creator of Hellboy, Mike Mignola, has curated one of best looking Hellboy comics in recent years. The illustrations in this project have a certain touch of decay and gloom that represents Hellboy’s current psychological state.

Although Hellboy is in Hell, he seems to be the most out of place. He’s clearly lost and confused since he’s arrived. We witness our hero out of place and with an illness, and now facing a new threat.

Hellboy in Hell #7 “The Hounds of Pluto” is horrifically beautiful and says a lot about the creativeness Mike Mignola and what his team still have in store for us.


Writer: Mike Mignola
Artist: Mike Mignola
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Mike Mignola


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