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Comic Book Review: Fight Club 2 Issue 1


I’m going to break the first rule of Fight Club, but it’s worth all the consequences. In a few weeks Fight Club 2 the comic book sequel to Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club novel will hit the shelves and bring back the anti-hero Tyler Durden. The most anticipated part of this project is that Chuck Palahniuk himself has returned to continue where his novel left off. If you haven’t seen the film, but have read the book and need a refresher, there will be another comic book adaptation retelling the end of the novel which differs from the film. It’s not a necessary read, but if you are a literary purist this might be the way you fill the gap. With art by Cameron Stewart and coloring by Dave Stewart the project has come to life just as you might have of imagined it.

Within the first pages we are introduce to our familiar character, except now he goes by Sebastian, an empty shell of what Tyler Durden was at his peak. He now lives a loveless life with Marla Singer as his wife and a child, whose actions seem to not fall far from the tree. In this new life, Sebastian is struggling with keeping a normal life that’s falling apart at the seams or is it being ripped from the inside by Tyler Durden?

The story of Fight Club wouldn’t feel right without the author’s criticism in social commentary and commercialism, and Cameron Stewart aids to that by bringing some great visuals to your mind. As with Chuck Palahniuk his style adapts very well on the comic book medium as if he was meant to write in this format all along.

Fight Club 2 #1 is the type of first issue that doesn’t waste any time ushering the existing world you know so well.

“Tyler Durden Lives”

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