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Comic Book Review: Fight Club 2 #3


Fight Club 2 is ready with another issue of this flourishing project. In Fight Club 2 #3 we find Sebastian revealing that perhaps Tyler Durden has been around for longer than anyone thought and we the viewers are in for a ride trying to find his origins.

As we read on preview issues, Sebastian’s son has been kidnapped and Sebastian and Marla figure out that to rescue their son they must infiltrate the new Project Mayhem crime syndicate. This issue should please the fans of the film and book, because we see Sebastian on that very familiar porch trying to infiltrate the club.

Writer Chuck Palahniuk and artist Cameron Stewart have show what a great team they are at bringing forward the world and continuation of Fight Club. In this issue we have bare illustrations that show the surface of the club and it’s menacing potential.

In an overwhelming market of Comic Books, Fight Club #2 takes it home for originality.


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