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Comic Book Review: Death Head #1


The Creators of Death Head #1, Zack Keller and Nick Keller have brought forward a horror project that seems to have a lot of potential in the issues to follow. We meet several characters, but a couple in the story seem to be closer to our titular character.

From the start of the comic book you are place in a familiar setting,  you have a couple who are exploring the woods in a place that looks like it hasn’t seen any population in decades.

We then learn that the area is a strong habitat for Death Head Moth and if that doesn’t say run, the couple decides to explore an abandoned town and that’s where the horror begins. After exploring the place, the couple literally fall into trouble due to our first glimpse of a character wearing an old black plague mask. The story also introduces several other characters that don’t reveal anything else but their personalities.

Artist Joanna Estep is perhaps the most stand out asset of the project, the ink job and the colors used give the entire atmosphere a feeling of impending fear. Also, it appears that brothers Zack Keller and Nick Keller have a long story to tell and hopefully begin to reveal its mysteries.

Let’s hope Death Head surpasses Buffalo Bill by using the Moth’s in an even more disturbing manner.


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