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Comic Book Review: Barb Wire (2015) #2


In the new issue of Barb Wire #2 our tight leather pants wearing hottie can’t seem to catch a break. This comic book is shaping out to be as much of an action title as a well as comedy. The problems Barb has are starting to pile up on her and she needs money fast.

The comedy within this issue is the annoyances she has with her job, the television crew that follows her, and the ongoing turf wars among the street gangs. Barb seriously has one wrong thing after another happen to her, yet she brushes it off and continues with the struggle.

The greatest part of this ongoing series is all the great action we expect from a woman bounty hunter, just don’t pull a gun on her because she’ll find anything near her to throw at you, including her motorcycle helmet.

Creator Chris Warner has brought back Barb Wire to life in this new title, the plot has been set and the bounties are up for grab.

Also, look out for the flawless cover by legendary artist Adam Hughes!


Writer: Chris Warner
Penciller: Patrick Olliffe
Inker: Tom Nguyen
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Cover Artist: Adam Hughes


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