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CIRCLE OF SILENCE: German Power Metal Act’s 4th Album Nears Release


Massacre Records is preparing to release The Rise Of Resistance, the blazing fourth studio full-length from German metal warriors CIRCLE OF SILENCE, the label having just confirmed July 2nd as the North American street date.


Since 2005 central Germany-based CIRCLE OF SILENCE has perpetuated their brand of rugged, classic but fresh traditional/power metal with a dark edge — comparable to Iced Earth, Savatage, Brainstorm and Sanctuary — their sound growing more potent and epic with each release. Following their 2006 debut album Your Own Story, followed by 2008’s The Supremacy Of Time and most recently The Blackened Halo released in 2011, The Rise Of Resistance boasts fifty minutes of the band’s most striking, solid metal yet. Once again the band sanctioned producer Vagelis Maranis (ex-Sanvoisen) in his Maranis Studios (Winter’s Verge, Saidian, Suicidal Angels) for the recording sessions, and brought in Vitaly Alexius/Scitart (Evile, Gainward) for the cover design. CIRCLE OF SILENCE’s uncompromising American style of power metal reigns supreme on The Rise Of Resistance.


Check out an official album trailer with nearly seven minutes of music from The Rise Of Resistance HERE.



Niklas Keim – vocals

Tobias Pfahl – guitars

Christian Sommerfeld – guitars

Björn Boehm – bass

Peter Suppinger – drums


The Rise Of Resistance Track Listing:

1. Blood Of Enemies

2. Eyes Of Anarchy

3. Nothing Shall Remain

4. One Moment Of Hate

5. An Oncoming Storm

6. Mind Conspiracy

7. In The Absence Of Your God

8. We Rise

9. The Final Chapter

10. Slave To The Greed Machine

11. Reborn From Darkness

12. The Architect Of Immortality







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