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Chicago’s Champion of Death Metal: AGAINST THE PLAGUES


The search for local bands in which to invest your time and money is an enduring and difficult one to say the least. But I think I have found the pride of Chicago in the death metal extremist AGAINST THE PLAGUES.

The band recently released an EP entitled “Extermination Event,” which came out this past January.  I am here to give you a little teaser, and start you out slowly with a review of “Terrorform.”  It was profoundly perplex to see this video garnering more than 20k views less than two months after its release!  But then you press play and are immediately forced to take in Aaron Noble’s polished tribute to Morbid Angel, you can’t help but stay captivated for the remaining four minutes and forty five seconds.

Former ApotheCarrion singer Shaun Albro contributes to the no-hold-barred track where he goes from shrieking Emperor highs to bellowing Suffocation lows and everything in between.  With the help of Bradley Mark Scott Cinematography in the foreground and the eerily abandoned Methodist church in the background,“Terrorform” proves itself a successful music video because it takes itself seriously by surrounding itself with simplicity.  It is modern brutal intensity at its finest.

Official Video For “TerrorForm”:








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