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Chase Masterson Joins Hero Round Table to Take on Bullying

Chase Masterson - Anti-Bullying CampaignChase Masterson Joins Hero Round Table to Take on Bullying

Actress uses pop culture imagery to cultivate real heroism

ACTRESS Chase Masterson is set to take the stage at the Hero Round Table, the world’s largest conference on heroism. Masterson will discuss how fandom of fictional heroes can help create real change.

Masterson is best known for her role as Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and has since become a sci-fi superstar. But she says she believes that fiction can do much more than entertain—it can help us learn to be brave and stand up for others.

That makes her a natural fit for the Hero Round Table, which aims to create more real-world heroism.

Masterson’s approach caught mainstream attention when she founded the Pop Culture Anti-Bullying Coalition. The Coalition launched its first panel at San Diego Comic Con in July, tackling issues including geek bullying, LGBT bullying and cyber bullying.

“We all love superheroes,” Masterson said. “So why not be one?”

Langdon says Masterson’s approach is right on the mark.

“Chase is taking the best ideas from leading hero researchers and putting them into practice,” he said. “She’s the real deal.”

Langdon says that that psychologist Phil Zimbardo, who will also speak at the conference, believes that cultivating a “heroic imagination” can change how people respond to difficult situations.

“If you can picture yourself as the hero in a story, you can start to overcome real-world obstacles,” Langdon said. “You’re less likely to be silent when you see something you know is wrong.”

Masterson will be one of dozens of featured speakers, ranging from athletes to academics to educators. Over 1,000 people are expected to attend the event.

The Hero Round Table will be held September 19-20. Tickets are available at www.heroroundtable.com/attend/.

About the Hero Round Table:
The Hero Round Table is a cross-disciplinary conference on heroism in today’s world. Talks and discussions come from experts in the worlds of psychology, education, philosophy, sports, storytelling and more. The Hero Round Table provides an opportunity for those interested in heroism around the world to meet, collaborate, and learn how heroism thrives.



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