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BULLET To Release Physical Copies Of ‘Storm Of Blades’


After nearly two long years of relentless touring, the members of the Swedish heavy metal quintet BULLET, featuring Hell Hofer (vocals), Hampus Klang (lead guitar), Alexander Lyrbo (lead guitar), Adam Hector (bass), and Gustav Hjortsjö (drums), proudly anticipate the physical release of their new full-length album, Storm Of Blades.

Scheduled for release in North America on January 20, 2015 via a newly forged cooperation between Nuclear Blast and Metalville Records, the group’s fifth full-length effort produced by the band and Magnus “Mankan” Sedenberg at Pama Studio in Torsås, Sweden will be available for purchase through physical retailers.

An up-to-date sound and craftsmanship finds BULLET taking things to a new level of heaviness on Strom Of Blades, yet returning to their own roots with much of the feeling the band had in the beginning.

Strom Of Blades features eleven songs and is the first record to feature guitarist Alexander Lyrbo, who replaced Erik Almström in 2012.

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  1. Uprising
  2. Storm Of Blades
  3. Riding High
  4. Tornado
  5. Hawk Eyes
  6. This One’s For You
  7. Hammer Down
  8. It’s On
  9. Crossfire
  10. Run With The Hunted
  11. Coming In Loud


More on BULLET:

Regardless of which BULLET member you ask, the answer is always the same. There were no secret agendas or philosophical overtones. The reason why singer Dag “Hell” Hofer and guitarist Hampus Klang formed BULLET in Växjö in 2001 is so self-explanatory that it is almost served with a slightly unsympathetic intonation: “Because we wanted to play heavy metal”.

Last year, BULLET presented a new merchandise product. Not a t-shirt, not a pair of thongs, not even a car sticker. They introduced BULLET clogs. Across the clogs glossy, black leather is a solid band of spikes, with the text “Rock around the clogs” underneath the bands crackled logotype.

In many ways, this particular product says a lot of where Bullet is at in 2011. It proves that the band, after many years of hard work, is in a position where they can take the liberty to produce such a luxurious and thought through souvenir. The clog also proves that BULLET’s primary mark will always be the love for their home region, the internal and warm relation to the fans, and last but not least, their true self-distance.

When guitarist Erik Almström, drummer Gustav Hjortsjö and bass player Lenny Blade had teamed up with Dag and Hampus the hard work began. During the first years BULLET released a couple of demos and played on a variety of venues. No stage was too far away and no payment was too low. The band’s spruce coloured mix of AC/DC, Judas Priest, liquor on cans and denim, slowly grew in the underground scene, and in 2006 the debut album “Heading for the Top” was released.

Though it wasn’t until 2008, when Lenny Blade was replaced by Adam Hector, that the band’s breakthrough was a fact with the follow-up, Bite the Bullet. There are many band’s that want just as much as BULLET– but there are extremely few artists who are prepared to go as far, and to put as much time and effort into reaching their goal.

The bands third album, Highway Pirates, mixed by Tobias Lindell, was released in February 2011 and is a rock hard and quality controlled concentrate of all the things that makes BULLET the way they are: razor sharp riffs, rutting vocals and songs that stir up so much party that they could have been bottle openers.

Almost two long years of relentless touring have passed since they put out their highly acclaimed Nuclear Blast debut, Full Pull, in 2012. Now they are back to take the Heavy Metal universe by storm with their very own, Storm Of Blades!

The cutthroat album and song title, “Storm Of Blades”, results from the bands aim to make the toughest Bullet song ever. The first impression was the image of knives falling from the sky and the title was born.


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