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Brujos Brewing To Release Collaboration With San Diego Metal Band Ruines Ov Abbadon


Brujos Brewing is inspired by a lot of different forms of occult artwork…one of these forms being some good ol’ black metal. That being said, they are proud to announce that they have had to pleasure to collaborate with their brothers in Ruines Ov Abaddon (San Diego based black metal band), to bring you this here, Black IPA, which they have called, “Night Hag.” Coming in at 7% ABV, a few of these will surely send you to oblivion, just like a live set from Ruines will.

Look out for RUINES OV ABBADON’s new EP titled, “Chaos Reborn.” You will be able to find the Brujos Brewing collaboration brew at their live shows. Check their page out, give them a like and go catch them live on their upcoming tour!

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