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Bluntface Records announces association with Rusty Halo Audio


Bluntface Records is proud to announce a new partnership with Rusty Halo Audio, a music specific production company based out of Manchester NH.

Rusty Halo Audio is a full service mixing & mastering company that primarily specializes in Metal, Industrial, Electronic and Experimental genres of music. The goal of Rusty Halo is to offer professional, high quality mixing & mastering services at affordable rates, so that all underground, unsigned and independent artists can afford them. We believe that all artists, no matter the size of their fan base, should have professional quality audio production available to them.

Rusty Halo Audio offers mixing starting at $30 per song; Mastering at $30 per song; and a package of both mixing & mastering for $50 per song. In addition they also offer:

-track editing* (some included in per song price but may be extra)
-drum programming and sequencing**
-drum replacement
-sound manipulation

*some track editing is already included in price per song.  Greater track editing may result in a higher cost depending on the amount of work requested/required.
**drum programming and sequencing may be an additional cost, depending on level of work requested. for a full list of services and pricing go to 

For a full list of prices and services contact them  today! Email kinzel30@gmail.com

Listen to their online album, showcasing some of their work by clicking, or for testimonials/references, click http://www.bluntfacerecords.com/rusty-halo-audio-mixing-mastering-services–2

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