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Black metal coffee house to release metal themed video game


Heavy metal coffee shop Black Forge Coffee House in Pittsburgh, PA has teamed up with a local retro video game creation company called 8-bit Evolution to make the world’s first coffee & metal influenced Sega game.
The game features a classic beat em’ up – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade style gameplay and feel. Evil aliens have found out about our metal music and have come to steal our metal musicians. By taking over the bodies of elderly people, bros, cowgirls, and country musicians the evil aliens have created an army and the owners of Black Forge Coffee House, Ashley Corts & Nick Miller have to stop them!
Black Forge Coffee House plan to release a limited edition vinyl pressing of the games soundtrack provided by the band Greywalker.

The release date is set for Nov. 4th. There will be a world premiere of the gameplay live on Twitch TV followed by an after party with both Greywalker and the band Klaymore performing.


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