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Beacon Point A Sci-Fi Horror Tale Of Lies, Secrets, and Bloody, Alien Shenanigans

There’s a reason the woods are scary…and maybe a little complicated but definitely scary.

Camping, hiking, aliens, ex-cons, and strangers in survival situations almost always makes for a good movie, but here at Beacon Point, it sets the stage for death, conspiracy, and slightly awkward social situations. The trouble begins when local mountain tour guide and survival badass Drake Jacobs accidentally kills his supervisor during an argument at the resort he’s employed with after it’s been discovered that Drake is a felon. Said ex-con tries to make a break for it because of course no one is going to believe the death was an accident but is caught before he barely makes it out the door by a group of hikers he was already paired up with to take on a 10 day hike through the Appalachian Mountains. In a panic Drake corrals his group and sets them down the approved trails, but as paranoia sets in, he decides to take them on the “scenic route” to avoid seeing anyone else from the resort who could place him at the murder scene. Inexplicable things begin to happen to the hikers as they venture farther and farther away from the normal routes including bouts of strange illnesses, nightmares involving spaceships and eyes, weird accidents ending in death, and stumbling upon an abandoned campsite housing military grade equipment. Drake’s behavior also becomes more erratic as the group hikes closer to a clearing in the forest called Beacon Point, a mythical place of strange energies and sounds which emanate from a statue with alien like images carved into it in the center of the clearing. While in the clearing, one of the hikers, Zoe, loses her backpack and forcefully enlists Drake to help her find it. While searching for the wayward travel gear they both find their way into a cave with a shrine to eyes in its midst, lit up with dozens of lights that illuminate drawings on the walls and multiple backpacks, sleeping bags, and other camping equipment from other people, including Zoe’s lost backpack. After much arguing and Drake finally losing his mind completely, they come to the conclusion that aliens have been on this planet for centuries and have been watching us, through our eyes, and spying on our every move. With that, Drake claws his own eyes out while Zoe runs back to where she thought camp was only to not find the site but the remaining hiker from her group gone as well. Two passer bys see she’s in trouble and show her how to get back to the main trail where she makes it out of the nightmare alive and fulfills a long kept family wish. Sun sets in the background, the end.

Beacon Point is very creative and is an interesting ride, although you will find yourself a bit confused at times with some of the storyline. The special effects are really good, the movie stays fluid, and the main characters are strong with solid interactions, so it’s certainly worth a go.

Beacon Point starring Rae Olivier, John Briddell, Eric Goins



Uncork’d Entertainment

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