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Looking for some hot music for hot days at the beach? We got the perfect solution – for free:

Check out our new free Label-Compilation
‘Bastardized and Friends’. 20 Tracks performed by bloody Bastardized-Artists like Six Reasons To Kill, Science Of Sleep,
Bloodattack or Give Em Blood and friends like Berlins finest Got Nuthin’ or french Hardcore Allstars Providence.

It’s completely free. All you have to do is give us a like on facebook and download the sampler here:

01 Six Reasons To Kill – We Are Ghosts
02 Science Of Sleep – Oppressor
03 Bloodattack – Gott Aus Dem Viereck
04 The Green River Burial – The Big Rip
05 Give Em Blood – Love 2.1
06 Curse Of Society – Fractures In Her Beauty
07 Bitterness Exhumed – White Shores
08 Benchpress – Silver Spoon
09 Gentlemen’s Sports – Adam
10 Suffer Survive – Timebomb
11 Crushing Caspars – Caspars Attack
12 Bazooka Zirkus – Straight Outta Lützel
13 Got Nuthin’ – God Vs Me
14 Frostbite – No Sympathy
15 Optimist – Driven
16 By Brute Force – Enter The Ground – This Is A Grindcore Lifestyle
17 Providence – x After The Cross x
18 Rising Anger – Swallowed By The Sun
19 Awake The Mutes – Afterglow
20 Follow The Warpath – All Consuming Flood

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