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Bad Frank Is A Must See Movie For Those Who Like Good Guys Who Go Very, Very Bad





“A man can only hold so much inside…”


Bad Frank stars Kevin Interdonato as Frank Pierce, your average Italian Joe with a nice house in the suburbs, gorgeous wife, a disturbing past and medically repressed anger issues (which makes him “not average” at this point..) who finds himself in a precarious position with an old friend during a drug deal that goes way south. When push comes to shove (and the pharmacy won’t refill your prescription because you need to be seen by a Dr but Janet the receptionist can’t get you in until next Tuesday…) old Frankie comes out to play with wonderfully brutal results. Bad things happen when you kidnap a psychopath’s wife.

The movie begins with a clean and sober Frank Pierce who is struggling with keeping his marriage together while patching up his relationship with his father Charlie (played by the legendary Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini) with mixed results. In an effort to make some extra scratch, Frank agrees to play back up for his BFF Travis during a drug deal, telling himself this was the last time. Cut to that evening when everyone meets up to get things going and Frank is reintroduced to an old “work” acquaintance named Mickey Duro (played by Tom Sizemore) who decides to be “that guy” and kill the other drug dealers present so he and Travis can keep the drugs and cash which promptly puts an end to the night’s festivities. The next morning Frank sets up an appointment with the DA’s office to give them a breakdown of what happened the night before, and that’s where the wrong people get all the right information to make Frank’s life a living hell. What does one do when one’s wife is taken and your medication is on hold? Grab a bottle of bourbon and take back what’s rightfully yours, but not in the heroic way we’d all like it to be. Nope, Frank has a quirk, a glitch you might say that runs in the family, and he has his own version of a reckoning to hand out. But hey, he does it all with a smile on his face, and that says something.

This movie has it all in all the right places. Excellent screen play, fluid performances by the entire cast, great production value, and a fresh twist to its ending, Bad Frank is an award winning movie that certainly deserves your attention.


Bad Frank starring Kevin InterdonatoAmanda ClaytonTom Sizemore, and Brandon Heitkamp

Official trailer can be seen here

Written and directed by Tony Germinario




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