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AXECUTER album artwork & tracklist revealed


“Inferno Records PROUDLY presents “Metal is Invincible”, the long waited debut album from the restless Brazilian warriors AXECUTER! After a period of tribulations, they’re back and ready to continue their resistance saga, no matter who it hurts! Here you’ll find nothing but pure and savage METAL, 100% free from every disgusting modern tendency. If you are a real, I mean REAL old school worshiper, you won’t get ripped off…be sure!!!

No one is spared here. Defiance, debauchery and intolerance are the main words! Anthems such as “Metal is Invincible”, “Too Heavy To Load”, “No God, No Devil”, “Feed The Beast” and the epic opus masterpiece “The Fires of Krakatoa” are as bullets shattering the head of the detractors. If you’re into old trio acts such as Venom, Exciter, Sodom, Killer, Motorhead, Tank, etc…your metal appetite will be fully satisfied!

This album consists of 11 tracks, including three re-recorded songs from their previous sold-out cassette-single “Bangers Prevail” plus an outstanding Manilla Road song version as extra track, which brings mighty Mark “The Shark” Shelton himself as special guest.

Metal is invincible, don’t you try to break the unbreakable!!!

01. Metal Is Invincible
02. Too Heavy To Load
03. The Axecuter
04. Bangers Prevail
05. Ritual Of Decibels
06. No God, No Devil (Worship Metal!)
07. Destructive Blitzkrieg
08. Feed The Beast
09. Keep On Sinning
10. The Fires Of Krakatoa
11. Heavy Metal To The World (Manilla Road) – CD only !!!

To be released on CD & Cassette formats !

Date released to be announced soon !!!


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