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AVP: Evolution Introduces All-New ‘Predalien’ Playable Character And Battle Generator


Fox Digital Entertainment and Angry Mob Games updated their popular “AVP: Evolution” mobile game to include the fan-favorite “Predalien” as a playable character.


The Predalien is half-Predator, half-Alien and all around intergalactic badass. Boasting incredible strength, a multi-spiked tail, killer mandibles and an iconic set of dreads, the Predalien combines the deadliest attributes of both legendary species. Adding to the fun is the “Battle Generator”, an all-new feature allowing players to pick their prey and create their very own customized hunts.


In AVP: Evolution, players become the ultimate Alien and the Predator sci-fi hunting machine and must battle their way through a distant planet featuring ominous environments, heavily armed marines, combat androids,  and loads of lethal surprises!



Download AVP: Evolution:

iOS: http://www.appstore.com/avpevolution

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fde.avpevolution&hl=en


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