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Aussie Artist Rebel Yell Is Taking Industrial Music To A Whole New Level


Indie Industrial at some of its finest

For those of us that like to swing between genres, here’s something to give a serious listen to. My favorite Aussie label, Rice Is Nice records, is releasing Rebel Yell, a solo project by new comer Grave Stevenson, August 19th. The debut EP called Mother Of Millions, is a four track piece of darkly unrepentant electronic industrial music that pulses with the beat of non conformity. The vibe is thick with looped rhythm and hazy effects, but stays fresh with solid back beats that follow and evolve with each track.  The flow isn’t EDM, isn’t industrial metal, and isn’t wholly electronic, but has a feel all of its own. While not a metal release, it certainly has it’s place in the “f*#k the status quo” hall of music.

Watch the first release, Never Perfection, here

To learn more about this epic find, along with other amazing Aussie indie artists, please visit Rice Is Nice Records


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