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ASHES OF ARES: Album Details Unveiled


ASHES OF ARES, the new group featuring Matt Barlow (ex-ICED EARTH), Van Williams (ex-NEVERMORE) and Freddie Vidales (ex-ICED EARTH), recently finished recording their debut album at Morrisound Studios with producer Jim Morris (DEATH, ICED EARTH, CONTROL DENIED). The self-titled record will be released via Nuclear Blast Records on September 6 (Europe) and September 17 (North America). The logo and cover artwork was designed by none other than drummer Van Williams himself! “We discussed a few ideas but once we had developed the band logo, it felt right to use it as the introduction to the band along with the name as the focal point for our first album,” stated Williams. “The artwork for me reflects where each of us has been and how we are coming together from our pasts in this new endeavour.”


Ashes of Ares Track Listing:
01. The Messenger

02. Move the Chains

03. On Warrior’s Wings

04. Punishment

05. This is my Hell

06. Dead Man’s Plight

07. Chalice of Man

08. The Answer

09. What I Am

10. The One-Eyed King
bonus track:
11. The Answer (acoustic version)

ASHES OF ARES is a band which represents the culmination of experiences, and trials and tribulations of founding members Matt Barlow, Van Williams and Freddie Vidales. Within months of their departures from the iconic metal bands ICED EARTH and NEVERMORE, the trio came together with a renewed drive to create a sound which is a true collaboration of their personal influences, ideas and visions. Armed with the knowledge acquired through years of the writing, touring and recording cycle, and with the support of an army of loyal fans across the globe, ASHES OF ARES is poised to carve out a new legacy and stand alongside those who have helped pave the way.


Matthew Barlow – Vocals
Freddie Vidales – Guitar/Bass

Van Williams – Drums

Trailer Pt 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOFcbfBg_30&feature=player_embedded

Trailer Pt 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N_A1Y7VDxk&feature=player_embedded
Studio Update 1: http://youtu.be/X6Iecq5Tw1g

For more info visit: www.ashesofares.com | www.facebook.com/AshesOfAres | www.nuclearblast.de/ashesofares

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