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As The Blood Moon Rises, Vampires Are On The Hunt


In celebration of the final Blood Moon of the year, mobile video game publisher Clazz Games and developer Raincrow Studios today released the first update to its real-world supernatural game Vampire Tribunals. Launching the next season for vampire hunting, Autumn Tribunal: Rise of the Nine offers all new quests and world events for players, as well as Blood Raves (vampire feeding frenzies) and Blood Feuds (House vs. House combat).



Download the free iOS version of Vampire Tribunals at: itunes.apple.com/us/app/vampire-tribunals/id909628589?ls=1&mt=8

Players can now battle using real-world locations to attack and defend their House and domain, all while leveling up to become a fierce competitor throughout the globe. The rare Blood Moon will bestow a boost on all power gains and reduces the cost of the cloak card for stealthy attacks against competing damphyr.

The updated Autumn Tribunal game build delivers:

  • Blood Feuds, where players can battle against specific Houses or Dominions for increased power and fame.
  • Blood Raves nowpop up around the globe, offering a vampire feeding frenzy where players earn increased power-ups, collect unique gems, and battle a single, powerful demonic vampire.
  • Various Halloween Quests around the world leading up to the darkest of holidays, such as Sleepers of the Mound, where players search Scandinavia for the green witch lights that mark where the infamous Draugur rest.

In Vampire Tribunals, players take on the role of an awakened half-human, half-vampire species known as damphyr, with the ability to sense demonic vampires that traffic among mankind. Use strategy and stealth to gain power by attacking demons around you, stay in your neighborhood and zoom out to see where other vampires are hunting, or attack other vampires around the world from the comfort of your home by teleporting through the in-game Janus Mirror to virtually attack enemy players in every corner of the globe.

Vampire Tribunals features:


  • Build your own dark community by creating a powerful House: the more vampires in the House the faster you will gain power.
  • Whisper or Shout to other players in-game and share experiences on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Watch the News ‘Feed’ for fertile feeding grounds and other damphyr activities.
  • Find and meet other vampires or members of your house at your city or while travelling to other places around the world.


  • Play through an imaginative vampire narrative where you will meet key story figures during quests, such as Inness St. Croix (a Patroness), Mary Rowland (the damphyr awakener), the Nine Killer, and the Prince of Merchants.


  • The phases of the moon and seasons affect gameplay.
  • If your faction is in alignment with the current moon, then your whole House will benefit from boosted stats.
  • World Events coincide with each seasonal Tribunal, providing bigger, more complex Quests and rewards leading up to the tournament-style Reckoning.


  • Engage in an always-on mobile adventure, battling demons, and other damphyr. Whether playing for 30 seconds, 30 minutes, or all day long, Vampire Tribunals is always accessible whether at home or on the run.


  • Collect gems, consume blood vials, and earn cards to level up and infuse yourself and your House with powerful magic.
  • Use the Deck of Days to overcome your enemies by casting a variety of spells that can cloak you for stealth attacks, rebuff oncoming assailants, and summon protective demons.


Vampire Tribunals is available for free on iOS devices. Visit the official site at www.vampiretribunals.com, follow @vampiretribunals and “Like” the game on Facebook.



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