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ANGELLORE Reveal New Album Details


French atmospheric post-doom metal combo ANGELLORE has just inked a deal with SHUNU RECORDS for the release of their sophomore album, “LA LITANIE DES CENDRES”, which will be released at the end of August 2015. Just like their debut, “Errances”, this five-song CD was recorded and mixed between July 2012 and April 2014 by Florent Krist (bass player in CYNIC’s side project AEON SPOKE) at EverTone Studio in France and mastered by Markus Skroch (HEL, NATTSOL, ELANE).
Commenting on the album’s production, the band said: “Creating “LA LITANIE DES CENDRES” (French for “Litany of ashes”) was a very demanding process, but we can assure you that the result is worth all the efforts we put into it. And it definitely feels great to start anew with a young and welcoming home like SHUNU RECORDS. With their help, we will make sure we take ANGELLORE to the next level. We can’t wait to take you on our new musical journey. The best is yet to come!”

Matteo Coppola Neri, founder of SHUNU RECORDS had this to say on the album:
“When “LA LITANIE DES CENDRES” arrived on my desk, I was immediately surprised by how these guys could, with absolute nonchalance, extend their music from the early-90’s doom to today’s most psychedelic post-rock, passing through the emotional gothic rock.
Within SHUNU RECORDS we have a wide range of musical tastes, some of us prefer post-rock, some indie-rock, others progressive, but when we listened to the album we all agreed on one thing: ANGELLORE’s language is universal and their music speaks to everybody, because it goes straight to the heart. We have rarely found records of such beauty.”

Among its most famous supporters, ANGELLORE counts various well-known musicians of the current metal scene as those that shared huge enthusiasm for this new offering:

“There´s hardly any band that manages to combine the legacy of 90’s doom-death with the soundscapes of Sigur Ros or Alcest – ANGELLORE do.They celebrate the spirit of 90’s doom/death more intense and stunning than any of the remaining first generation bands could nowadays. Great album!” (Matthew Greywolf – POWERWOLF)

““Errances”, ANGELLORE’s debut album was awesome. Beautiful, enjoyable, emotional… Finally, a new metal album that I was able to enjoy from the first song to the last. That doesn’t happen very often! If you’re into old emotional doom metal, you definitely have to check out this band.” (Chrigel Glanzmann – ELUVEITIE)

ANGELLORE presents a great blend of atmospheric and emotional tunes with a great sense of dramatic melodies. Even in sad moments the music is full of hope.”  (Volkmar Weber – DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER)

“The first time I heard ANGELLORE, I was highly impressed. It reminded me the 90’s glorious days of Doom Metal, in which I was a huge fond of. I wish to see doom metal getting back to the center the way it was. ANGELLORE’s music is definitely a step towards that!” (Kobi Farhi – ORPHANED LAND)

ANGELLORE’s “LA LITANIE DES CENDRES” combines the lush harmonies of early Greek death metal with the doom and romanticism of the finest British doom bands. While negotiating these influences, the band nonetheless weaves their own sound that elevates their work to some of the best in melodic and orchestral contemporary doom metal.” (Don Anderson – AGALLOCH)



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