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ALL HELL To Release New Album Oct 28


Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has signed Asheville, NC’s horror hounds All Hell and will release their debut album entitled “The Devil’s Work” on October 28th 2014 as a Digital Album. Below is the official description:

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcomes Asheville, NC’s horror hounds All Hell with the debut album “The Devil’s Work”. Out for blood, All Hell present twelve tracks of torture and torment, ripping into themes of dark literature, art and the most hideous chapters of human history. A unique blend of Metalpunk, Thrash and old school Black Metal, “The Devil’s Work” is full of violence, darkness, and morbid aggression along with horror influenced lyrics and imagery. Rise from the grave and worship All hell! For fans of Bathory, Celtic Frost, Danzig, Disfear, Eat My Fuk, Hellhammer, The Lurking Corpses, Midnight, The Misfits, Samhain, Toxic Holocaust and Venom.

Pre-order the Digital Album for only $6.66 at https://hpgd.bandcamp.com/album/the-devils-work

Listen to the track “Suffer For Me” at http://youtu.be/1Pos_yRbZMM



1. Suffer For Me

2. A Grisly End

3. From Far Beyond

4. Firewalker

5. Breaker

6. Dead Of Night

7. Doctor Plague

8. The Reaper’s Touch

9. Child Of God

10. Samhain Wind

11. The Howling Hell

12. Devilwolf





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