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Album Life On The Road By David Brent- The Album That Needed To Be Made


Live Fast, Die Old

Painfully funny and yet astonishingly awkward, Life On The Road is an album that will have you both laughing and cringing from beginning to end. It is a solid combination of David Brent’s shameless social missteps and Ricky Gervais biting humor bathed in the stage lights of an aspiring local band looking for their big break. With lyrics like “Don’t call us Indians, we’re more like West Eurasians crossed with Siberians” and “And she can kiss my horses ass, yeah, I’m lonely now But, I’m the lonely cowboy, she’s just a lonely cow” they may be waiting a while.

Although there are plenty of shoulder shrugging lyrics Life On The Road does have some very touching moments and as whole, is put together very well. While considered a rock’n’roll album, there are touches of Jamaican and Country music thrown in for some interesting variety that only enhances the a great flow and outstanding sound quality. If we had a rating system, I would certainly give this a 5 out of 5. A bit of warning though; you just may find the lyrics to Life On The Road a bit rough, crass, or even offensive which is good. We all need to be offended now and then (in a good way.)

Watch Lady Gypsy, the album’s first releaseĀ  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQD3EjukimI

Official trailer for Life On The Road https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2THODznVOt8

David Brent image courtesy of http://flickeringmyth.com


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