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Action Horror Movie Crazed Will Fulfill Your Need For Psychotic Revenge


“Do you even know who you’re fucking with?”

Based off of the graphic novel series Crazed, said movie of the same name is a jaunt into a world that combines Sin City, The Punisher, and possibly a bit of Spawn to show humanity at some of its lowest and depraved moments in the fictional city of Harbor City. A renegade cop known as Ronan Pierce is hell bent on avenging the death of his daughter and rescuing his ex wife from the clutches of a human trafficking gang known as the Luna Cartel, the head of which just happens to be an old military buddy of Ronan, one whom he shot and killed in the jungle while on tour for attempting to rape a local girl. Apparently, Ronan should have double tapped.

Once Ronan’s ex wife is kidnapped, he goes on a killing spree to take out every drug dealer and low life that gets in his way. The means of killing the bad guys he catches includes, but is not limited to, electrocution via a hairdryer in a bathtub of water, beating to death with a large fish, stuffing a funnel into a drug lord’s mouth and filling it full of liquid drugs, and so on. Ronan teams up with a female circus clown he rescued from traffickers who helps him gleefully kill his way to the top of the evil cartel to discover a whole new level of corruption that includes selling human organs with bodies provided by the a high ranking official on the police force. Blood splattered vengeance is unleashed, with gusto, with the ending being well rounded and lacking loose ends. Though low budget and riddled with basic acting and oddly sped up action scenes, along with dicey animation, Crazed is still an entertaining take on the age old “avenging ones family” story.

Crazed starring Michael McCarthy, Jordan Elizabeth, and Kane Hodder

Directed by Kevin A. McCarthy and Edward Payson

Written by Kevin A. McCarthy and Michael McCarthy

Unhinged Films





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