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Abby Grace A New Nightmare You Never Needed

The sins of the past will revisit a family with horrifying consequences…image via weareindiehorror.com

Some things, once done, cannot be undone, except through the unleashing of hell on earth via one pissed off ghost. Abby Grace shows us that classic horror concepts with a few nods to Stephen King can make for one excellent movie.

Once his mother passes, Ben (played by Jacob Hobbs,)  an agoraphobic mess with a plethora of phobias along with OCD, finds himself a home owner without the capacity to be one, so his sister Stacy (Debbie Sheridan)  decides to move in for a bit to help get things in order and to hopefully help Ben with his mental issues. Weird things begin to happen when Stacy’s beloved dog digs up a jewelry box from the local graveyard and brings it back for Stay to find and eventually open. Nothing is found in the box, but Stacy becomes extremely infatuated with it not knowing that she has unleashed an angry spirit into the home.  The spirit, a little girl  who was murdered on the property, begins a reign of chaos in the home that includes dragging people into the basement, killing visitors and hiding their bodies outside, and possessing anyone who is willing, including Stacy. It is up to Ben and a college of Stacy’s to rid the home of Abby Grace and bring order to their lives by confronting the wicked past of the residence once and for all. A wonderfully twisted ending leaves room for a sequel, and that isn’t a bad thing considering the story line.

The movie, though and indie film, deserves a chance. It’s well shot, with a fairly smooth story line, and enough tension to keep you hooked throughout the whole film. There are a few plot holes, but Debbie Sheridan’s performance makes up for it as the possessed, while Jacob Hobbs is very convincing in his role. The special effects are pretty good, maybe a little campy, but The Shinning touches help smooth that over as well. I’d say, if we had a numerical system, and we don’t, but if we did, I’d give it a 7 out of ten.

Official trailer can be seen here

Abby Grace starring Debbie Sheridan, Jacob Hobbs

Directed by Stephen Durham

Written by David Dittlinger, Stephen Durham,

Produced by Second Nature Films

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