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Comic Con News: A meeting with Marc Silvestri at San Diego Comic Con 2012

Marc Silvestri SDCC 2012Have you ever wondered what it would be like to speak to one of your comic book idols, even for just a moment at a signing?  I had that pleasure twice this week already and let me tell you that Marc Silvestri, from Top Cow, is one of the nicest men.  He better watch out though as he does have some stiff competition for that spot from some other Top Cow talent, but that’s for another article.

The staff at the Top Cow booth had already explained to those of us that had been lined up Friday morning, in advance of the scheduled noon signing, that Marc trying to get anywhere is like a rock star trying to do so. Once he walks out the door, if he’s recognized, he gets stopped left and right.  And then once it was obvious he was delayed more than a few moments they handed out a copy of Top Cow’s Sunset to those of us patiently awaiting the man himself.

At one point I turned while in line and there he was.  And it truly was like watching a rock star trying to get through a crowd of adoring fans. He gets stopped every few feet, but unlike some, he is friendly, polite and personable with all the people that are delaying him. Even once at the booth, he has a friendly word for all the staff he passes on his way to the spot that’s all setup for him.  His friendly attitude is reflected by the staff as they all seem to display this same attitude, at least from what I was able to observe.

At last the time has come, his fans, myself included, get our moment of his time. Again he’s friendly with a few words for each. Some artists forget the power of making eye contact and having a smile for their fans, but not Marc. Although he signs each item he also remembers to look at the fans as he exchanges a word or two with them.  And that smile is beyond words, just check out his picture to see what I mean.  To top it off he doesn’t just look at the person and then promptly forget them.  How do I know this?  Easy, he recalled my stopping by to say hello the day before, which was definitely a pleasant surprise to me, considering the demands on his time.

Having been a fan of his work since my friends introduced me to Cyber Force and Ripclaw, and then following that with his work with Witchblade and Darkness he was always the one artist I never expected to be able to have something signed by.   And never in my wildest dreams could I have dreamt of being able to exchange a few words with him (and better yet, not being tongue tied when the opportunity arose).

Now on my bucket list will be interviewing Marc Silvestri!  So Marc if you happen to read this, and if you are open to an interview, I would love to do one.

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