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$30000 in Video Games Sent to Soldiers in Afghanistan for the 4th


PIXEL FIREWORKS: $30000 in Games Sent to Troops for the 4th of July!

Bring on Veterans Day!

Military gaming charity Operation Supply Drop pulled off a heck of a milestone for their first 4th of July donation drive, code named PIXEL FIREWORKS: twelve care packages filled with $30,000 of video games and gear raised over June and July. The video game stuffed packages are going to five units deployed across Afghanistan as well as an individual at Walter Reed national military hospital recovering from injuries he received in Afghanistan!

Big thanks to all our big donors: Wizards of the Coast, Sega, Sony, GAEMS, Performance Designed Products (PDP), Kalypso, Plantronics, ASTRO Gaming, RAD Game Tools, Epic Games, Valve, Treyarch, Ubisoft, Activision, Naughty Dog, Capcom, Electronic Arts, GB Memorabilia, AbleGamers Charity, Insomniac Games, Rooster Teeth, Konami, GUNNARS Optiks, Gamergrub, Deep Silver, Runic Games, Tripwire Interactive, Double Fine, Game Informer, Robot Entertainment! 

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