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How do you build a Guitar Army? The challenges range from the basics of recruiting, rehearsing, and equipping Texas guitar slingers to establishing the logistics infrastructure to support and sustain them. Accomplishing this is no easy task.

Why build a Guitar Army? Our concept is to build a Texas-style Army of influential guitarists that run the gamut of styles, age and experience that will thrill the masses while highlighting the skills and techniques of each unique and amazing guitarist. Think of the Texas Guitar Army as a diverse, musician driven vehicle (like G3, only Texas-sized), featuring an array of name and up and coming talent.

What are we fighting for? The intent is to launch and support the Global War on Mainstream Music and the fight for freedom and expression in the battle against the evils of commercialized, over-processed, under delivered music.

The Army will highlight several styles of playing allowing for a wide cross-section of support. Blending elements as diverse as Blues, Rock, Metal, Surf, Country,  Rockabilly, Jazz, Fusion and everything in between into one Kick-Ass Show! We  are looking to schedule a hand-full of initial warm-up dates in three or four Texas  cities in late August, early September. The dates with also feature hand picked Young Guns in support, representing the millennial generation of guitar players. As the Army takes shape, we will be hitting the trail on a national tour. The Texas Guitar Army will be lead by Lap Steel Guitar Virtuoso HeXx Henderson.

HeXx Henderson mixes an unorthodox style with incredible virtuosity on the Lap Steel Guitar. HeXx blends many styles together, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, and Hawaiian music, with threads of Gospel, Pop, Surf, Metal, and Funk. Musical influences include rock guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Roy Buchanan, Jeff Beck, The Ventures, and Lonny Mack, along with great Lap Steel Guitar players like Leon McAuliffe, Santo and Johnny, Buddy Emmons, Alvino Rey, and Little Roy Wiggins, pioneering lap steel Blues players Hop Wilson and Freddy Roulette, and jazz organ great Jimmy Smith. HeXx stuns audiences with his mind blowing lap steel prowess.

Joining HeXx Henderson will be legendary Rockabilly guitarist, Danny B. Harvey.

Danny began playing guitar at six years. At fifteen, he studied with the legendary Joe Pass, who was a tremendous influence, as were country giants Merle Travis and Chet Atkins. At seventeen, he studied at USC with world-renowned classical guitarist Pepe Romero.

Danny has performed with numerous stellar talents from many genres, including Brian Setzer, Johnny Ramone, Lee Rocker, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Nancy Sinatra,  and Wanda Jackson. One of his most recent projects is the Rockabilly group  The Head Cat with Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats and Lemmy Kilmister of  Motorhead. Danny is revered for his unique finger picking style and ingenious ability to mix extremely diverse elements into an incredibly dynamic style.

More fantastic guitarists will be announced soon. If you are interested in enlisting your services in the Texas Guitar Army, please call Paul Bibeau, Hyper! Active. Services @ (903) 941-1542 for more information.


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