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2014 WonderCon – Saturday Photos and so much more…

WonderCon14-Sat-065 sm2014 WonderCon – Saturday Photos and so much more…

For a day at the 2014 WonderCon that saw me also attending 3 panels, it is amazing how photos outside of the panels I still took.  This is a testament to the many cosplayers that were there that day.  Sadly for Chewbacca who wanted a break everybody that saw him wanted to stop him for a photo op.  In the photo here he is doing the unforgettable Chewbacca ‘growl’ as he just wants to get outside for a break.  (No I didn’t stop him for the photo op, I know better than to try to stop a Chewbacca that is tired and wants a rest 😛 )

Cosplayers at the 2014 WonderCon ranged from Doctor Who, the Tardis, obviously a variety of Star War’s characters, to anime, Sandman, and so much more.

There were artist sightings as they wandered the floor seeing who and what else was out there.  And some were hunting for potential future artists to use on projects we may not even be aware of (never know who might stop at your table and give you that future shot at being published).

There were the conversations with strangers about cos-play, and even pointing out to a pair of women that instead of looking at a cosplayer negatively for selecting a character and costume that might not suit her body they should be congratulating her for having the self-confidence to ignore the negative comments and getting out there to do her thing.  I didn’t see her myself but their negative comments truly annoyed me as it’s bad enough when it comes from men, or people that do not attend cons and just don’t get it.  But a female con attendee should be aware of how hard it must be for other women to get out there and cos-play especially if they don’t have that ‘model perfection’ body (you know the one that is so rare in reality).

There were the hugs and chats with old friends, and not all of them were artists and writers.

It was a long day and it killed off a media card mid shoot (not a fun moment for your camera to almost laugh at you as it pops up the “full” message on it’s display)  The exhaustion that led to debating if dinner was really a necessity, but knowing my friends would have some choice words if they heard I opted for skipping dinner after the day they saw I had led to opting for food.  It was another gourmet food truck night but my selection was not as wise as Friday night.  Oh well live and learn, it wasn’t bad it just wasn’t as delicious.

Some more photos (after swapping media cards… good thing there was room on another one in my gear… must replenish the card supply or start wiping them clean after downloading them)

Then finally calling it a night… didn’t take long once I was in the room to pass out as it was a day packed with lots of running around, shooting, chatting and more running around and shooting.  You don’t realize how much you are doing at WonderCon until you stop moving and then it all hits you at once.  But I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Enough of my rambling on and on about how great Saturday of the 2014 WonderCon was, here are the shots from the day (excluding the panel specific ones which are still to come). Hope you enjoy these as much as I did both when I took them and then again as I went through them to prep them to share with you.


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